August 14 - Israel museum - Jerusalem
August 29 - The container - Tel Aviv
September 3 - The yellow submarine
September 22,23,24, 2013 - Ako Festival - Israel


A unique and exciting group combining African influences with local Jerusalemite music. The Ensemble plays original pieces by the composer Eran Kats, all have a strong massage of unity and of being true to one’s believes.They sing in Hebrew, English and Mandinka (West Africa). With the release of their premier album “Jali Live”, the Ensemble Has swept the crowds in Israel, performing in festivals around the county. Five fantastic musicians together on stage in a rhythmic and moving performance playing melodies for the soul and body. Join the celebration! ... See More







Jali Ensemble is one of the most promising and fascinating groups in today music scene - Moshe Mord, EMI MUSIC, BBC RADIO, Manager of Israel's World and jazz radio – 88FM. Eran Kats is a wonderful and unique composer - Yair Dala, Musician A fascinating blend of world music that feeds of African and eastern roots combined - Dubi Lents, Director of the international RED SEA JAZZ FESTIVAL